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Roy Orbison – Modeler

Bob M.

Roy Orbison grew up very poor.  Many don’t know that his hobby was model airplanes.  He was apparently very detail oriented when building them, although I can’t find any good photos of the models.  I read somewhere that a B-17 he built was very nicely done.  Here are a few photos I found.  I also read in a model plane magazine that even after he became wealthy when he was between tours he still visited his local hobby shop frequently and he still drove his old beat up pickup truck that he loved.

He died at age 52, but the contributors to his early death were no exercise, little sleep, eating burgers, fries, sodas and shakes on a daily basis between performances and chain smoking.  In this B&W Pretty Woman video with Bruce Springsteen you can see the lounge is fuming with cigarette smoke.