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Schubeler Virtual Aeromodelling Expo

Have you been looking to add some special enhancements to your next aeromodelling project? Then you won’t want to miss the next edition of the Virtual Extreme Jet Aeromodelling Expo premiering on Tuesday, January 26.

Brought to you by Schübeler Technologies, this episode features the inventor and CEO of Smoke-EL, Gunter Zielke, who created an electrical smoke system designed for RC model planes and jets. He’s also an Engineer of IT and ET, with a master’s degree in physics, whos’ been flying electric model airplanes since he was 15 years old! 

You can watch the show in English at 9am Eastern Standard time or in German at 9am Central European Time.  Please CLICK HERE to register. 

In this Expo, Gunter shares his experience inventing a smoke system designed specifically for electric aero models and provides an in-depth walk-through of how he built his CARF Eurofighter. 

Also, we’re always looking for other enthusiasts who would like to be featured in an upcoming Expo. Let us know if you have a special Aeromodelling project we can feature? 

Join the fun and register today for our next International Virtual Extreme Jet Aeromodelling Expo, brought to you by Schübeler Technologies.

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Date: January 26, 2021
Time:  9am ET  or  9am CET