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SebArt Planes Available Again!

Neil Westdorp is taking up where the previous SebArt distributor has left off.  He is importing the SebArt planes, one shipping container at a time.  The SebArt planes are extremely high quality built-up ARFs.  I, your editor, have owned 5 of them.  I currently fly my Wind 110 on Sundays.  Although that one is discontinued, there are many others to choose from.  The time to order is running out quick so check out the website below and get in on the buy while you can.  Huge discounts too.  Below is from Neil:

  • “First container is scheduled to arrive middle of January 2019
  • I am running two pre-order discounts: 25% off all pattern airplanes and 10% off all jets. The pre-order discount window goes until November 2nd
  • Website (still being updated) –
  • Facebook: @SebArtUSA

Neil Westdorp
Seb Art USA
@SebArtUSA via Facebook