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2023 Founders Award

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By Steve Manganelli

Introducing SEFSD’s 2023 Founders Award recipient, Mr. Frank Sutton! Selection of this year’s award winner given to a club member providing great service to the Club, but not on the Board of Directors, was made by unanimous vote back in November of 2023 and presented at the January 12th banquet. Generally, secrets such as these are not well kept and the recipient knows about the award. However, Frank was completely surprised and the only non-BOD member let in on the secret was his son Alex Sutton whom was quickly drafted as substitute photographer.  Frank of course is the photographer of all Club events  and the creator of the SEFSD Memories slide show premiered at the 2024 Banquet and can be seen below:

Frank as most of us know, is a club member but does not fly himself, deferring the family flights to his son Alex whom is a great R/C pilot, glider pilot and aspiring Airline Pilot.  Frank has proven his dedication to SEFSD by continuing to attend and photograph all club events even after Alex went away to College in August of 2023. I am personally grateful to Frank for attending an F-5B Practice and making a documentary video of the class competition; this had never been done prior to Frank’s effort.  Our “SmugMug” page and the photographs therein are glue that keeps us together.  One of the photos by the way, became the medal artwork for the 2024 T-28 medals.  Frank and I ply the archives of T-28 race photos to come up with a suitable picture that can be cropped into a 2” circle. The winner from his last (3) submittals was presented to him at the banquet as well. As the first T-28 race of the year was held the day after the banquet, Frank is the first 2024 T-28 medal recipient: thanks for all you do, Frank!

The Founders Perpetual Award was created by the BOD in 2022 to recognize a non-BOD member providing the greatest service to the Club in the preceding year. It’s hard to believe that our little organization is now 30 years old and we are old enough to have a history and that some of our original founding members are still active members (and Officers) of the Club, but it is so. The intent is as long as one of our original founding members is still active, the perpetual trophy would be surrendered and re-awarded to the new recipient at the Winter banquet each year. The picture is L-R, Frank, myself (Founder), Steve Neu (Founder), Dennis LaBerge (2022 Recipient) and Steve Belknap (Founder).