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“SEFSD Memories 2019”

(The video above starts 16 minutes from the beginning.  Click on the left end of the status bar to see it from the start.)

Frank Sutton, our intrepid photographer, has put together a beautiful collection of pictures and videos from 2019 for your enjoyment.  He says it best:

“This is the SEFSD 2019 Memories movie, 92 minutes of rocking music, videos and photos covering the flying highlights of the entire 2019 year! We recommend you get your favorite drink and pop some popcorn when you’re ready for that one – and crank your speakers up! Starring in this movie are the Pilots and Planes of Silent Electric Flyers San Diego, and the movie is dedicated to them. We hope that by watching it, the Pilots and their Friends and Families will be able to escape for at least 92 minutes from these uncertain times we’re in now.
  During these uncertain times, we all probably have a lot of spare time on our hands and little entertainment. We certainly can’t go flying! So, it took a national disaster for me to taxi down the runway and get this going, and it is about time too!
  In addition to our San Diego County Dash Cam Spy Channel on YouTube, we have a brand new Channel – Aviator Alex! We already have three short videos and one full-length feature movie ready for your viewing pleasure! Please take a look and give us a “Like” if you like it – and we think you will!
  For the moment, all the videos are with Silent Electric Flyers San Diego and flying via Radio Control (R/C), however, we will soon be adding more videos to include Alex’s adventures flying actual sailplanes a Lake Elsinore Soaring Airfield and Hemet Airport with Cypress Soaring (with a Go Pro camera in the air too!)! I have a lot of photos and videos ready to go, and too much time on my hands!
  Here’s the direct link to the new Aviator Alex YouTube Channel……
  And here’s four videos ready for your viewing pleasure……


Stay tuned, our new YouTube Channel Aviator Alex has just taken off!
Keep your seatbelts on, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”