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SEFSD Wishes Alex the Best at College

They grow up so fast.  As you know, Alex Sutton, Frank’s son, Terror of the T28 Race Course and all round RC pilot extraordinaire, has gone off to college at San Jose State University.  There he will be studying for a career as a pilot.  As part of his curriculum he will be taking flying lessons.  And with a proud shutterbug of a Dad we will get to share in some of his exploits behind the yoke as he pilots one of the school’s Cessnas.  A couple videos here: one from the local news about the SJSU Aviation program, one from the school’s Cessna and one from a solo made while training in a glider at Hemet.

Local News


  Here’s a short video on Alex’s first two flights with San Jose State University’s two contracting Certified Flight Training Companies.
      Thank you to all who have contributed to making Alex a safe Pilot and encouraging him to pursue his Big Aviation Dreams!  We cannot thank you enough!
Frank and Joan Sutton

Solo glider flight at Hemet