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Something Stinks!

By Steve Neu,


SEFSD has had a long standing policy at the Mission Bay site of no smoking—-but it seems as if it is time again to remind members. While some people are not bothered by second hand smoke we have some that are very sensitive. The club rules and common sense would suggest that members don’t smoke in or near the pit areas. If you must smoke please do so in a area that is well down wind of others that may be affected. Also very careful with matches and smoking materials as the brush and weeds are quite dry and can burn easily.

In addition to smoking we need to also be aware of the smell of running generators and idling car engines for purposes of charging batteries. The smell often will affect your fellow fliers downwind—please place generators so the exhaust does not drift down pit row and don’t leave your car engine idling for long periods of time.

No SMoking

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