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Spektrum Transmitter Switches

For those of you who have maybe jumped up and down on your transmitter screaming bad words after a bad landing, or just knocked the TX off a table, there are a few sources to get replacement switches.  Thanks to Frank Sutton’s efforts to get replacement switches for Alex’s transmitter (knocked off a table) your search is made easy.  Here is where they got theirs:

JK Electronics’ Website is at this link:
JK Electronics is located just off I-405 and the address/phone number is on their Website.  I don’t have the part number, but I’ve attached two photos showing both sides of the replacement toggle switch. One side it states “D Q 11” and on the other side it states “ON  OFF ON” and “2A 250VAC”, then “5A 120VAC”. This is the same thing in our Spektrum Transmitters. The price was right too, just under $3 each!


Brad found some transmitter switches at Digikey:

The website is

The 3 position long round switch – usually flap:
The 3 position short round switch :
The 2 position long flat switch: