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Tesla’s Little-Known Prehistory – The TZero

Click the pic below for a fascinating article from a 2021 issue of Autoweek.  You’ll read about the vehicle that made Tesla possible and its creator Alan Cocconi.  Plus, below you’ll see the connection to SEFSD founder Steve Neu.


Pictures from August 31 2003 at SEFSD field.  Click the pics below for more info on the TZero.

“Alan called me (Steve Neu) up and said he wanted to come down and fly planes at SEFSD in San Diego—He drove down from Glendora and flew planes then headed home —nearly 300 miles round trip without charging. The car had something like 5000 18650 lithium ion cells in it. It was the first long distance trip in the TZero since it got updated from lead-acid to lithium. Alan showed us the future is electric!”