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Thank You, SEFSD Pilots

SEFSD Pilots,

     This “Thank You” was long delayed because I became dangerously sick a few days after the SEFSD Banquet (unrelated to the banquet).  Thankfully, I’m doing much better now.  First, Thank You for the Get Well wishes from so many of you, it was very much appreciated!

     Next, THANK YOU very much SEFSD Board of Directors for honoring me with the 2023 SEFSD Founders Award!  I was in complete shock at the banquet when Steve Manganelli called my name as the recipient!  I was overwhelmed at the time and could not express my gratitude as I wanted to do.  I was even in tears for a moment!  I feel extremely honored to be the second Founders Award recipient after 2022’s very worthy first Awardee, Dennis LaBerge (Field Maintenance!), thank you!  I value the 2023 SEFSD Founders Award as much, or perhaps even more, than my highest US Navy awards!
     I believed there were other very deserving SEFSD members that had been a part of the club for many more years than Alex and I and you know what, that is the primary reason Silent Electric Flyers San Diego is without a doubt the best radio control aircraft club in the world!  Sure, the beautiful location is part of it, but the real reason behind SEFSD’s greatness are the many dedicated Pilots that belong to SEFSD!  Without all the hard working volunteers and friendly Pilots willing and able to assist new Pilots, or to help another Pilot repair a damaged plane, SEFSD would not be the R/C Club that it is today!   Alex and I are very fortunate to have discovered SEFSD in 2018; it changed both of our lives for the better!  I don’t know what we would have been doing on so many Saturday mornings without SEFSD!  We certainly wouldn’t have been making so many great friends and having so much fun!
     I’m very proud of the photos Alex shot at the February Electroglide when I was in the hospital, he made my job look easy!  Alex is back at SJSU now and I have returned to SEFSD Field, cameras in hand!  I pledge to each of you, so long as I’m physically able and not away on vacation, I will continue striving to get good photos of the SEFSD Pilots and their planes.  I will also continue to create an occasional video documenting the super fun times we all share together.  After making such good friends over the years and sharing so much fun, this is the least I can do to give back to the club and it is my sincere pleasure to do so too!  Thank goodness for SEFSD Pilots!
     Thank you!
Frank “Hobie” Sutton