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The History of Electric Powered RC Planes – Astro Flight

Steve Belknap

Have you ever wondered how electric propulsion for RC planes get started?  (No, it was not the Chinese.)  The history of electric RC IS Astro Flight.  Shown below is one of their brushed motors that made them very successful.  Starting back in the early 70s Bob and his brother Roland developed the first practical electric propulsion systems for flight.  We are enjoying our hobby today due to the efforts and creations of these two men.  My first several electric power systems were Astro and Leisure products.  In the eighties and nineties these were the best American made motors you could get.  Our club was made possible because Astro motors made it possible to fly electric planes extremely well.  Please click some of the links below to see how this hobby all began.


Please see the History of Astro Flight.

Here is the World’s First Solar-Powered Airplane.

AMA has the Biography of Robert Boucher.

Although Astro Flight is not as prevalent in RC as they once were, they still have an impressive lineup.