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Treasurer’s Report for April 2020

Business is still getting done at SEFSD even with Covid-19. First off, I want to thank the members that continued to join our club even after the city closed the parks in in Mission Bay. All of your support is appreciated! We are at 253 members. As of April 23rd, we are still closed, but look for reopening announcements. Just FYI, we have temporarily suspended service on the port-a-potty until the field reopens, so if for some reason you go there (which you should not) and notice a lack of service, that’s the reason. When we do reopen, we plan to do maintenance on both the runway, and the parking lot. We’ll have 50 – 60 gallons of dust control to soak the entire field and parking lot to get everything in good shape again. Our charter has been renewed, as well as our insurance policy for the city. We’re still waiting to hear back from the AMA to see if we got any money from the Flying Site Improvement Grant.