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Treasurers Report for December 2023

By Steve Manganelli

Greetings and Happy Holidays from the SEFSD Treasurer’s desk. Our planned expenditures and income for our Fiscal Year (FY), completed 30 November, was perfectly in-line with expectations and plans to execute 100% of FY revenue without dipping into reserves. A new budget based on FY2023 actuals with appropriate adjustments for inflation was approved by the BOD in November, resulting in no increase in dues necessary for 2024. The BOD felt that not increasing the 2nd household member dues last year was simply an oversight corrected this year. We have President Brad Bender and Chairman of the Board Jovi Murek respectively, to thank for 50/50 raffle revenue and 4th of July transmitter raffle revenue. This allowed both largesse in Banquet raffle prizes and a significant reduction in Banquet Ticket prices in spite of higher food costs and more high-end food selections.

Each month, the BOD sees a Cash Flow ledger showing actual income and itemized expenditures for the past month plus our net worth. As our Website is fully public, specifying actual dollar amounts historically invited fraud/phishing and other scam attempts, so we avowed to no longer do that. However, if any member wants to know specifics of our financial situation they make arrangements to meet me on the field and I’ll be happy to show them details of our financial plans.