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Treasurer’s Report for Feb 2022


Based on all the smiling faces at the end of last Friday, I think everyone enjoyed the winter banquet this year at the San Diego Air & Space Museum. My date said it felt like everyone was family, and I feel the same way too. Everyone got great prizes (except George and Skip, sorry about that guys, we’ll figure something out). Jovi really stepped up to the plate and MCed the night for us all. And also Steve Manganelli for stepping on the stage to back up Jovi. Many of us also got to pose for the rarest of pictures… being in the museum at night!
We have 242 members as of February. We have one or two individuals that have offered to step up to be Treasurer. Rest assured I will be reaching out to them very soon!
Lastly, I won’t be able to attend this month’s field meeting, as I have an in-person expo to attend this Saturday morning, but I wish you all a great time!