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Treasurer’s Report for Jan 2019

We are starting the year financially strong with over [removed] in our bank accounts. We’re currently at 245 members, with the expectation of around 400 by the end of the year. Last year, we made significant investments in our field, including fence modifications to make the Rotorplex safer, dust control for our runway, and two excellent PA systems. We also invested in many events at the field, including a catered food truck, T-shirts for the UAS4STEM participants, and of course our monthly contests. I want to thank the club members for your generosity at our 4th of July raffle and the T-shirt sale fundraiser. I also want to individually recognize Larry S. and Hoang T. for their direct cash contributions to our holiday party.  We are on track to have another successful and enjoyable year thanks to our supportive membership base.


SEFSD Treasurer 2019