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Treasurer’s Report for May 2021

SEFSD has 291 members as of May 2021, an increase over the 254 members at the same time last year, an impressive comeback from the pandemic. As we plan the gradual return of club events, we are budgeting for equipment updates, such as a new PA system, and prizes for contests. The City of San Diego cashed our check for the Special Use Permit (formerly called the “Right of Entry”), and it is good for three years. While on that topic, I would like to remind our members that the Special Use Permit gives us use, but not exclusive use of, the field, since it is still public property. Therefore, the occasional jogger may pass through the field. When you see someone crossing the field, unless there is low flying model aircraft near them, please let them pass undisturbed. I know we all want to be good stewards of the land, and we want the word about how friendly our club is to continue to reverberate across the county, so please help continue that trend!