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Treasurer’s Report for October 2019

We have 345 members as of October 23rd, and [removed] our bank accounts. We invested [removed]  in a 9 month Certificate of Deposit (CD) with Wells Fargo that pays a 1.7% interest rate. Our combined cash assets is [removed].
Our board elections is coming up next month. I am the default Treasurer for 2020 if no one else runs. However, if someone would like to nominate themselves or someone else for that position, I’ll gladly defer to them and take on another position. I believe we are still short 2 positions on the board for next year, so I’ll fill any vacancy remaining if someone prefers to be Treasurer if they serve.
The last two years, improved automated software and equipment has made the treasurer position much easier to perform than in the past. I will also train an incoming treasurer to perform their tasks successfully. So if you have just a little bit of time, and can commit to 12 months of service, please step up! If you have any questions about what the position entails, please talk to me.