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Treasurer’s Report for Sep 2020

By Quan Nguyen

SEFSD accomplishments in September included 291 members, a fresh runway, and an updated, newly signed LOA that will put our field on the FAA’s national AMA registry.

Elections are coming up, and all positions are open, including mine! While I enjoy being treasurer, having someone else in the position will allow me to focus on other aspects of continuing to improve the club. Feel free to throw your name in the hat. I promise to help make it a smooth transition.

I also want to give a plug for the club’s T-28 racing event series, and a shout out to several people that make the races great! Steve Neu, the race organizer, recognized some of the challenges pilots had with taking off, and was responsive and modified the rules appropriately to accommodate everyone, even clumsy pilots like myself. I appreciate Frank Gagliardi being quick to lend me a battery to do a trim flight when I forgot all my batteries at home. A big compliment to Wayne Walker for his mentorship on my first real race and making sure I finished. I think this intergenerational component of our club is critical to our club’s future, and its continued success. The spectators got to see a thrilling match-up between a young novice, Alex, nearly overtake seasoned veteran Steve. The fact that this happened in the midst of a pandemic shows what this club has to offer to strengthen a community in trying times.  The next year will be tough, with the club’s regularly scheduled events still uncertain. The club will use every available opportunity to build this unique community across all ages and skill levels.