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UCSD Model Aircraft Design Competition Coming to SEFSD

By Steve Manganelli

I will be reporting on the event after the fact, but for a change will be announcing the event before the fact : mark your calendar’s for Friday, June 14th, starting at 7:30 A.M. and ending at 12:30 P.M. at our Mission Bay Park field.  Dr. John Hwang, UCSD Professor of Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering holds a capstone design class for his graduating Seniors the last Quarter of the academic year. Six groups of students will design and fabricate small R/C models suitable for carrying a proscribed payload. Last year’s payload included golf balls and some bulk weights. Each team tries to one-up the previous team carrying the most payload until only 1 plane stands. Last year’s planes featured a variety of fabrication materials and none of the planes had been test flown before, lest any crashes impede the festivities! 

The students are provided the same propulsion system, radio system and a pile of the same charged batteries for the final exam so to speak. Based on last year’s mid June experience with the same class, I really enjoyed the elation of the students watching their handiwork take to the air for the first time; it’s a feeling cherished among us experienced R/C model designers as well. John told me to expect (6) aircraft and even some biplanes and yes, a few extra experienced SEFSD pilots may be needed as well. So if you’re one our retired class and have experience in assessing flight worthiness of student designed/fabricated models come on out give a hand. If you don’t feel comfortable flying, just come out and watch, guarantee it’s going to be a hoot! “


Steve Manganelli