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Wayne Walker’s Sailing Adventures

Wayne bought a sail boat in 2018 with the intent of sailing from the East coast down through the Panama Canal and on into the Pacific.  The trip has had some starts and stops due to mechanical issues.  Last year he made it to the South of Florida.  This winter he has finally made it to the US, Virgin Islands.  Here are his latest comments as of April 13th:

“I’m trying to get to the US Virgin Islands after getting chased out of Jamaica and not allowed into Puerto Rico.  Great sailing so far, Wayne

I made it to Saint Thomas island in the US Virgin’s yesterday so all is well.  Things are not bad here at all, everyone’s taking the quarantine business seriously and being being good about it I guess is the best way of saying it.  I’ve got to get a place to haul the boat out and leave it here for the hurricane season so that’s my job for the next week or so.  All is well everything worked out, talk to you later bye-bye”

The prequel to this story can be read on his blog.  His latest entry was on Jun 2019: