Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

April BOD Meeting Minutes

By Scott Fuller,


Members Present: Jim B, Brad B, Paul G, Scott F, Quan N, George R, Bob S, Dennis B, Isabel G,   Missing: Tim A.


F5B was approved – Send notes to Steve B.


Bylaws – Need to vote on them at this club meeting. Does not have parts around dissolution of the club. Will cover those after some legal review.


Training – Allocate funds for new training equipment. Two Spectrum Radios.


Website – Revise club web site to represent affiliation with Aliant.


Barter Day – May 16th,. Paul notes the 16th is RCX, however he’d like to go ahead on that date.


Boundary Signs – We need to redo them. Scott will do a mock up. Quan to lend another pair of eyes after they have been mocked up.


Meeting with Lindberg – First meeting with them. Rules, Membership Roster. Informal meeting coming to a letter of agreement.

Park’s – Talked about right of entry permit. Sign request and picnic tables. Picnic tables are not available for our site.. There will be two more low flying aircraft along the sidewalk. No smoking at the field.


This Month’s Foamy Frenzy, April 25th – Tribute to foam airplanes. Talked about some of the details on what the event will entitle.  


Financial Report – Paul went over the budget. Need to buy keys. Talked about a larger 4th of July event budget.


Membership Report – We are 338 for members. Need to revise the new member checklist a bit.


Next board meeting: May 15th