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BOB Minutes for April 2014

Jim, Quan, Paul, Ray, George, Brad, Scott
7:11 – Call to order
Isabel talked about membership, we have 306 members
Paul talked about the treasures report – $700 left for field improvements.
Ray brought the award we’re giving to the North County Winds
Park Rangers – No bad news. Park Rangers are aware there are folks flying on Fiesta Island. Talked about getting rocks for the front entrance. Informing parks folks we can not secure the field. (Ray)
Tim is going to take care of the Mag sub for HTH
Alliant – Stevie B is collecting tonight. Jim was there with a bunch of multirotor folks last go around. Frank wants to create their own club for Alliant
Field condition – Field is holding up nicely. Hopefully more rain will happen. Next field evolution is in July.
ABLE – The are not loitering.
Foamy Frenzy – May be on may be off. Jim running Glider. Need judges for Scale, Sport and 3d. The fun starts at 9:00am if it doesn’t rain. Brad has a radio he’s donating.
Aerobatic Clinic – 12 to 4 with no field closure.
Talked about BoD member at events to help maintain the event.
Scott mentioned the Autonomous event could probably be lumped in with FPV spotlight – December
F5J – Talked about it. Jim is going to talk to Tim about the plan.
Safety – Issues about pedestrian traffic crossing the runway. (See signs below). Issues with FPV folks flipping on their video TX without checking first.
3.  New Business
    3.1     Shuffling Mike,  What to do with this situation?    He sent a letter of complaint to Frank G.    Ray will hopefully have this letter to look at………Jim      
    3.2     OMBAC event support?
    3.3     Guest Policy formalized?  Brad
    3.4     Signs …Pauls concerns are valid
    3.5     Web site   updating……..Paul
    3.6     Garrow update

4.  Set meeting date…May 23rd?  Friday

Jim ………in Tim’s absence running the meeting
Shuffling Member – Discussed course of action.
OMBAC – Talk to Frank about getting in contact with those folks.
Guest Policy – Brad talked about the new guest rules
Signs – FPV frequency control sign was discussed. This would be a sign on the main board. Something in the order of “Fly FPV? Clip your name here”. Scott mentioned channel numbers is hard to do since they vary from manufacture to manufacture. Talked about “Caution low flying model aircraft” signs in the outfield. Ray is going to talk to the Parks about putting some out. These would be along the walking path and near the runway.
Jim mentioned a request to add a porta potty at the west end of the field (Station 1).
Web Site – Paul and Jim talked
Garrow – Talked about current events and where things are at.
Brad – Take your trash home. In other words if you have to take the lid off it doesn’t belong in the can. Talk about dumpsters at the boat dock if you’re that hard up.
Next meeting the 22nd
Closing down the meeting at 8:40