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BOB Minutes for May 2014

Alliant – Last collection of $90 was done
Field Condition:
·         Looks great, but it’s a bit choppy in the middle.
·         Going to push any anything off until next month.
·         Consider hitting it with water and roll.
·         No dragging, no rakes, or anything that cracks the crust!
·         Foam Frenzy – Scrubbed
·         May fun fly – Four part task, something about beans, Dixie cup, loop, spot landing and a limbo line. Four prizes left over from last month.
·         June – Jet Day (Need Helpers) – Possible speed racing…
·         July – Bomb Drop (Start planning)
EMAC – It was two weeks ago, about 5 people were there. There doesn’t seem to be much interest. This will be going on hiatus until further notice.
F5J – Steve Neu is going to run the event.
F5B – They were having practice and the field was open. The field is open during their practice.
FPV Spotlight event – End of December.
Other Ideas – None at this time
Safety Issues – Not flying the pattern aka flying down the runway downwind. For downwind runs please keep them over the weed line.
Shifty Mike – Discussed (Don’t feed the trolls).
Garrow – Discussed (Stay away order).
OMBAC – Jim emailed OMBAC. No reply back.
Guest Policy:
·         Delay in getting the project started.
·         Jim will work with Brad in regards to the sign.
New Business:
Dog Reminder – It’s a $300 fine if you have a dog at the field (even more if you leave your windows up). Rangers are watching.
Grant money from the AMA – 10% for fence and tables from last year. We can submit every two years. Thanks to Paul for writing it up.
AMA Article on SEFSD in a couple months – Laurence Tougas asked Tim to write an article about Hi Tech High School. Should be in MA Mag in about 2 months.
Thomas Moeller – Looking to train 25 sUAS pilots.
Next board meeting – June 20th 2014 – 7pm, Paul’s House.
Meeting over – 8:45