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BOD Meeting Minutes for Jan 2014


Ranger update – Lease to be renegotiated in Sept, $600 for 2 years. New chief ranger as the old is retiring. (Approved)
Trailer Update – Jim sent email about the trailer spot being moved. Rate still $80. Need to secure gas can for blower. Board has combo and space location. Frank, Tim, and Jim has access to trailer as needed (Approved)
Hi Tech High – $52 for hotdogs for the kids. Four days building across 26 students. Cessna 180’s were chosen as the projects. Tim asked for RC electronics and Dick Hatch donated a batch of about 100 servos, brush-less motors, receivers, and ESC’s. Pedro helped for 2-3 days. Three groups had planes ready and a couple flew. Two flew really well. Flew the Mentor as well. ($52 dollars approved by the board)
Dirt Blower – $430.52 for the dirt blower. Need the small gas can. (Recap)
Badge Day – There were 90 badges were picked up, mailed out 110 on the following Tuesday. Issues with forms should have been resolved or fixed. You still need 2 year AMA for 2 year renewal / membership. Must have full AMA (Not park pilot). Coffee and Bagels were ~$90. Paypal is simplifying things. Discussed Paypal fees and how to handle it next year. Membership ~233 members currently. ~$11,000 has been collected. Discussed sending email out to members that still haven’t renewed and getting new folks on the mailing list. Isabel will talk to Steve D about forms. (Approved)
Alliant Venue – Discussed How much support? Tim and Ray talked to 12 different club members. About half are for/against, the other half would like to collect data of attendance. Blocks are 2 months w/o set dates. Six is more preferable. If we don’t do E-Fest the price will change. Discussed sponsors and charging a fee. Club has supported the event for 3 years. Steve B discussed pros and cons about having the event. On average ~20 folks go to the event (some days more some days less). Discussed if members should be charged considering their dues have already paid for it. Discussed would it be worth charging to ‘pay it forward’ for future events. Motion for full funding 9 months for members until November 15. Non members will be be $10. Sign up sheet will be there to keep track of who attended. (Voted and Approved) (Approved)
Field Maint – Bench construction @ $112 and 12 have been created. Discussed Don Griffin for field Marshall and $50 for weed killer. Asphalt grinding, at ~$500 a truck load and might need eight truckloads (~$4000). Would like to get it all the way down to the Heli’s. Discussed cost of projects from last years. Discussed equipment needed to move grindings around. Motion to spend up to $4000 on grindings to cover the dusty areas parking lot. Discussed going from Heli and work toward the gate. Tim will talk to Don about grinding providers. (Voted and Approved). (Approved)
Logs (aka phone poles): Don is still working on logs. Logs will be arranged to fence us off. (Approved)
ABLE – Steve Nelson (FAA FSDO / Club Member) was contacted. ATC Linberg controls the airspace. Steve Nelson said we should talk to the CO of ABLE. Strategy meeting Tuesday @11:30a next week near MYF. Discussed air traffic in that area and looked at air charts. Tim displayed the ATC/SEFSD info packet we have ready to go. Would like to have one or two board members on hand for the meeting. Strategy meetings first only! Ray would like to be there when we go to the CO. (Approved)

New Business:
Treasure – Paul provided us with the treasures report. Most expensive was filed repair, mostly on capitol improvements. Tim asked for a projected report for 2014. Paul will be filling out the charter here shortly. Financial history since 1998 was displayed. Paul proposed we accept the final 2013 budget. (Voted/Approved). Steve B will publish the treasurers report. (Approved)
Member report – Discussed earlier ~233 members
Hosting F5J – Discussed (Tabled)
Events Committee – Things are on hold due to ABLE. Jim is looking for helpers for events. (Discussed)
Newsletter – Will be done next week. Always looking for stuff. (Discussed)
Aliant – Superbowl Sunday.. June and July dates. Paul will contact Aliant. Efest Aug 6th or Aug 20th. We might get 20% of the profit. (Discussed)
Ben Polley – Tim will take care of it (Discussed)
Safety – Quan will do an article. Please don’t buzz the pits. (Discussed)
Meeting closed.