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BOD Meeting Minutes for Jan 2017

By Quan Nguyen


January Board Meeting Minutes
Present: Paul, Randy, Brad, George, Dennis, Brian, Quan, Jim Also Present: Isabel (Membership Coordinator)
Commenced: 7:10pm
 -Vote on sign. Sign design was approved with minor changes. Already approved $400 budget from last year.
 -Discussed prizes for holiday party. Will raffle $1,500 of prizes. Thank you John Weaver for your support with the gift certificates.
 -FAI/F5B/D Event Requests. Field closures requested from 12:30 – 5:00pm on Feb. 26th, March 19th, April 30th, June 25th, July 23rd, Sept 17th. Approved.
 -Renewed relationship with FAA to get a Letter of Agreement with Lindbergh. Randy and Brad to assist.
 -Voted to approve purchase of Yeti 400 Solar Generator for $400 to replace broken generator.
 -Voted to approve $210 for trailer maintenance.
 -Voted to have George dispose of inoperable generator and old RadioShack PA horns.
 -234 members as of 1/13/17.
 -Discussed pruning club mailing list.
 -January 31st is end of the grace period for flying without 2017 badge.
 -Discussed budget. Same as Actual Budget 2016.
 -Reiterated 3 day pass rule for guest fliers. Discussed AMA IP instructor program.
 -Mr. Thompson donated hobby equipment to the club, including a new Apprentice. Thanks!
Adjourned: 9:08pm