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BOD Meeting Minutes for July 2021


SEFSD Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Quorum at 6:30 PM, meeting convened.

In-person participants: Brad, Steve N., Quan, Steve M., Eric, Jovi, Carl
Online participants: Steve B., Kenny
Not present: Jeff

Meeting held at Brad B.’s home.

Brad: Trailer tires replaced.

Steve B.: Has an expert helping with website.

Jovi: Considering Labor Day Raffle.
Next field meeting will include hotdogs.
Poker Fly event and field meeting the weekend of 24th of July.

Quan: 311 members as of 7/7/2021
Bank balance sufficient and financials available to club members upon request.
Reimbursement made for trailer tires.
Extra Porta Potty cleaning ordered for FAAST program cleanup.

Eric: I met a supplier at the field re: DG (decomposed granite) project last Wednesday.
I received an estimate for delivered materials of $18,210.
Another supplier was $700 more even with SD City reference.
The DG is bound with natural materials to satisfy city about permeability.
Contacted a contractor about install and expect call back after vacation.
I expect materials to be installed from east end.
I think the gate openings should be ramped to provide smooth transitions to field surface.

Motion to roll field seconded and adopted.
Water truck weekend of the 19th.

T-28 racing this upcoming Saturday at 10:00 AM – 7/10/2021.

Next Electroglide upcoming at 10:00 AM – 6/19/2021.

Next meeting date 8/12/2021.

Meeting adjourned at 7:46 PM.

Eric Shapiro
SEFSD Secretary 2021