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BOD Meeting Minutes for May 2015

By Quan Nguyen


Meeting commenced: 7:00pm

Present: Jim, Brad, Paul, Quan, George, Dennis
Absent: Tim, Scott, Bob

Old Business:
-Spanky’s Porta-Potty is falling apart. Do we allow them to replace it? We’ll have to spend $24 to repaint the camouflage schema.
-Give more keys to Spanky’s. Hopefully it will resolve their access problem.
-Setting precedent that board members offering to sell merchandise to club should be offered at competitive market price or lower.
-This month’s event is FPV Day on 5/23. Prizes will be four $25 gift certificates from Discount Hobbies.

New Business:
-Members asking why tables are numbered.
-Reiterated that all expenses must be approved by board, and legible receipts submitted to treasurer, to get reimbursed. Treasurer will reimburse contracted party directly; payments shall not be made to intermediate parties.
-Suggested forming Holiday Party Committee to organize holiday party starting in June. Committee will be given a budget, and will organize venue and food. Need to determine how committee is formed. There will possibly be two board members in the committee.
-July 4th party planning. Will continue to lock gate during the event. Club will provide (non-alcoholic) drinks and grill. Members will provide food. Discuss providing lawn games. Selling $1 raffle tickets. Board approving $250 in raffle prizes. This will be a club member and family only event.
-Thanks to Drones Made Easy for contributing to DJI Event on 5/16.
-Discussed club instructor policy. All members are eligible to be club trainers.
-Board has determined auditing of the contact list is overdue.
-Approved motion to spend $350 one time to send Isabel Guidice to take a Microsoft Access class to build & maintain club membership software/database. Investigated “canned software”, and none fits the club’s needs and budget.
-Treasurer’s Report: All is good. Refunded a few members due to Alliant no longer being offered at SEFSD.
-Next meeting on 6/12 at Paul’s place.

-Adjourned at 8:50pm