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BOD Meeting Minutes for October 2016

By Scott Fuller


Jim, Brad, Quan, George, Paul, Scott, Isabel, Randy


  • Jim handed some receipts to Paul in regards to the banquet

  • Jim talked to KOZ events about road closures

  • Jim talked about Weed Wackers membership drive video

    • Hire a professional to do a video for us for $500

    • 4 – Yes votes, 2 – No votes, 1 – Abstain

  • Sign at the entrance at the gate. Folks were asked if they want to help make a sign. No one came up with one. Move the 5mph sign.

  • FPV Racing Budget for next year – Scoring Software, Flags, Bags. $500 for next year.

  • Runway – Talked about conditioning options. More wetting of the runway next year. One or two rollings.

  • Paul went over the Budget

    • Paying for Banquet items

    • Keys need to be made

  • 428 New members

  • Talked about Board dinner

  • Next meeting – Friday Nov 4th