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BOD Miniutes for October 2013

2.5) Bylaw Updates -Voting rights for Safety Officer and Secretary -Frank Frank—discussed change to bylaws changes proposed at last general meeting regarding voting rights for safety officer and sec–will
have a additional got at next general meeting to confirm.—– Approved

2.6) Trailer Update – Jim Trailer has been repaired and returned to the storage area. The storage lot says security has been improved. Will have a session to clean out trailer and toss out junk that is not needed. Keys are kept by Frank, Jim and Tim.—- Approved

2.7) Andrew Norbeck project – Hold till November —-Approved


3) New Business


3.1) Safety Report – Chuck (Sea World), Frank (Alliant) No report from Chuck. Frank reported nothing happening at Alliant. Frank says that the 16 oz limit will be enforced for indoor flying. Approved

3.2) Sea World Field Runway Report – Jim Jim reported the runway was cleaned up prior to the rotor day. Discussed renting a motorized broom to see how it works before the next runway service.—- Approved

3.3) Treasurers Report – Paul Report presented by Paul–new format presented and explained for spread sheet. Club members wanting more detail should contact Paul directly.—– Approved

3.4) Membership Report – Mike E Mike presented final report presented. Club has 333 members. Isabel Guidice will be handling membership for 2014. Mike Presented cookies. Need to get a suitable picture for club badges for next year.—– Approved

3.5) Future Events at Sea World – Tim Tim reports the event for the Nov 9th WW is on track. The club will present check for $1000 for the WW program at the event on the 9th of November. Will have a demo of service dogs at the event.
Discussed having food for the event. All planes need to be scale that day.—- approved

3.6) Future Events at Alliant – Frank Frank reports that there will be a meeting to organize the eFest : Frank, Mike M, SteveB and SteveN will meet to set up event.

3.7) Newsletter/Website – Steve B No report

3.8) SEFSD Host F5J Soaring Contest? – Steve Neu Discussed the event and how and when it could be run. Discussed How it it might be run and the financial implications. Will get the ball rolling with AMA to submit to the FAI for next year. Will give Ray possible dates to check with city. —-Approved

3.9) Bench construction Tim discussed tables. Need to get the city to approve before any more are put in. The board MUST approve expenditures for additional tables!—-approved

4) Any other business? None

5) Set date for next BOD meeting. next meeting 11/20 2013

7) Approve Board Meeting Minutes Approved