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BOD Minutes Feb & Mar 2012


Sweeper failed and was returned. Total cost to club was $46.52 for return shipping. Discussed  manual sweeping by club members. One session by club members did good job picking up rocks. Discussed  other options to firm up field surface. Tim suggested that we just do a FOD walk a few times a year a
With dragging. Discussed additional rocks for blocking people from jumping the curb.

Frank G reported that the city will be looking into fixing the entrance to the field. Access may be limited for several days when work is done.

CAP report from Tim. Dates for next events will be firmed up. Next CAP event is March 3.

New programs report by Frank. Working on getting the calander of events. First event is a fun fly on 3/24 at SEFSD .  Jim Bonnardel discussed bomb drop event for May.

Indoor report by M Eberle.  6 people showed to last event. Frank will follow up on schedule through June.

Next general meeting will be indoors at the American Legion  in Kerney Mesa.  Meeting will be 3/20 on tuedsay at 7pm.

Frank reported that we have a tenetive date for July for a Wounded Warrior session.

Night flying report by Jim. Jim reports that a number of people have been flying in the evenings is holding at about 10-12.

New Business.

Safety report by Chuck Grim so far no major safety problems.

Jim reported that people are living in the trees. Possible health concerns of people camping and using the area as a bathroom. Will ask Ray to bring up the issues with city when he returns from trip.

M Neale gave accounting of club finances through Feb.

Membership report by M Eberle we have 4 new members for Feb. Currently have 211 active members.

Newsletter…still have newsletter–no report.

Other business…Tim brought up the issue of guests at the field. Discussed what policy should be. Frank said need to be diplomatic in dealing visitors.

Next BOD meeting March 21 @ 7 pm

Meeting over at 8:26pm


SEFSD BOD meeting March  2012

Called to order at 7:06 pm by M.Neale

Motion to approve Feb minutes– approved.
Old business:
Frank discussed Gold Leader program. Need picture of rules posted at the field for AMA. Chuck will take care of getting the above done. Discussed requirements that need to be met to be approved for program.

Lindberg tower….no news for now.

Entry way, rocks and logs along road and entry discussed by RayF. More rocks have been placed by the city to prevent cars from crossing the curb onto the field. Club policy will be for the last club member will lock the gate regardless is there are cars still parked in the area. Frank will address this in his “pres says” in newsletter.

Frank said that the next general meeting for indoors will be changed from July 4 to  Aug 7.

Frank reports that wounded warrior program is still being worked on. Will report when there is news.

Subject of guest pilots policy was discussed.

New business:

Chuck reports we are just as safe as last month. Discussed publishing “rule of the month” to be put in newsletter to increase member awareness of rules.

MNeale gave treasures report… we still have money.
AMA sent check for TAG program expenses.

Membership report by MikeE: Club has 226 paid members.


Approved rental of roller to compact the field for a cost not to exceed $300. JimB will take charge of this.

Hour Glass field report:  Frank. Reports that things are going well. Frank says that there will by pylon racing in the future . Attendance has been holding at about 15 pilots. news is good news!
BOD minutes will be published in newsletter in the future.

Signs at the field discussed by JimB and ChuckG. Chuck suggests that we put the AMA rules on the sheet metal that has a has already been bought. Options for mounting signs discussed. New sings will include provision for old frequency control pins. Move made by Ray to have sketch of proposed positions of signs. Motion approved

Date for next meeting is May 2  2012 @ SteveN’s house @ 7pm

Meeting over at 8:34