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BOD Minutes for April 2013



M Neale:


Old business


Minutes from last meeting approved.
Frank discussed AMA Goal Leader program–showed placard and other items sent from AMA.
Schools demonstrations report by Chuck. Chuck reported that the schools contacted were not interested in having club presentations at this time.


Discussed revision of field rules as presented by Chuck at last meeting. Made small change to paragraph 16. Moved to approve  4/20/2013 version as presented by Chuck. Approved by members present.


Discussed proposal as presented by Jim B. Various views reviewed. Tim started the discussion.Frank, Mike and SteveN also discussed their views. BOD suggests that JimB create a test plan that  includes detailed description of proposed tests and equipment to be tested  and presents it at the next BOD for discussion. Frank made motion–approved to ask JimB create plan.


Discussed Paypal payment –Chuck said that the club could be charged some hidden fees. Will look into this some more and discuss at future BOD meeting.


New Business.


Treasures report from PaulG Club still has money. Paul discussed the lower dues revenues since we started the $10 dues option for junior members. Discussed budget projections and what we need to do for future planning of events.


May 19th for DBF demo and F5B BBQ .


Tim presented a new sign for the flight stations with improvements. Discussed proposed signs. Chuck will get the art work to Jack with the goal of having signs done by week of the 13th.


Next BOD the 15th of May 2013


Meeting over at 9:34pm