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BOD Minutes for April 2017

By Quan Nguyen


April 7th

Present: Brian, Dennis, Jim, Brad, Randy, Paul, Isabel, Quan


Meeting Commenced: 7:03pm


-Altitude related incident reported to Lindbergh on 4/1. Will discuss with member when full scale aircraft are nearby.

-Discussed member hovering over the runway. Board will talk to member.

-UAS 4 Stem May 13th.

-Discussed food for July 4th.

-This month’s event is Altitude Quest. 4th Saturday.

-Jim showed new FPV badges.

-Safety Report: No major issues. Pay attention to your setup before you fly. Look into throttle lock.

-Paul discussed budget. Membership down 20 from last year.

-Discussed more raffles.

-Port a potty is in bad shape.

-Discussed membership fees. Last price increase was in 2007. Increase is imminent. Will discuss at future meeting.

-Voted to approve $50 donation to AMA Scholarship foundation to reinstate our Gold Leader status for 2016 and 2017.

-336 Members as of April 7th.

-Brad proposed scheduling night flying date after meeting.

Meeting adjourned 9:05pm