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BOD Minutes for April 2021


SEFSD Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Quorum at 6:37 PM, meeting convened.

In-person participants: Brad, Steve N., Quan, Steve M.
Online participants: Eric, Jovi, Jeff, Steve B., Kenny, Carl

Meeting held at Steve N.’s home.

Brad: Please speak up when announcing landings, take-offs and field crossing.
Let’s start considering Fun-Fly events for the future.

Steve M.: Let’s go through club equipment trailer on 4/24/2021.

Steve N.: T-28 racing this weekend on 4/10/2021.

Jovi: Working on Facebook account to improve public relations.
Encourage club members to get vaccinated.

Quan: Special Use Permit nearly complete.
The city seemed to offer permission for more improvements.
283 members as of 4/7/2021
Bank balance sufficient and financials available to club members upon request.

Eric: Consider putting July 4th on schedule.
Should we consider food trucks?

Steve B.: Website has been updated and backed-up.

Jeff: Electroglide will be returning on 4/17/2021.

We need to remain vigilant about keeping non-members from entering site.

Next meeting date May 5, 2021.

Meeting adjourned at 7:46 PM.

Eric Shapiro
SEFSD Secretary 2021