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BOD Minutes for Aug 2012


Update on l tower and FAA stuff. Nothing new to report for now in regards to FAA. Tim reported that AMA has made some changes to FPV rules including higher weights and changes to maximum speed and buddy box requirements. There is need to work on club rules regarding FPV operations as they relate to SEFSD operations.  Will have a FPV into at meeting in Sept general meeting.

Discussed club instructor status was discussed.

Field work update by Frank and Jim.  Jim presented proposal to vacuum the field with a truck. Discussed options. Friday AM at 8:30 to try vacuum truck and rolling with water.

Revisited signs again…. Chuck will not be dealing with the signs from now on. Board discussed configuration of signs. The configuration of the signs was discussed and it was proposed that there be a single large sign. The proposal was passed by a majority.

Discussed fencing and possible improvements. Proposed  replacing the fencing and top pipes and install new net type fencing. Approved by all present.

“Right of entry” update update from Ray. Ray reported that the ROE is making progress through the city process.

EMAC report from ME. 12 pilots for last EMAC. Chuck proposed a sub class where a more skilled pilots helps people in the lower classes. Frank will promote  a “novice” class to help increase club participation.

New business:

Safety report …discussed fire at field and what we should do to prevent future problems. Jim proposed club give away a fire extinguisher as a club give away.
Club will buy them..Frank will purchase them from the PX.

Membership report: Club now has 270 paid members.

Future events  report by Tim Attaway: Sept 1 will be poker fun fly. Tim discussed rules and proposed club buy pizza for after event. Approved by all present.

Went over calendar. Jet day by the bay for August will be run by Frank G.

Frank discussed having poles for speakers included sign posts. Will use some electronics in trailer for club events. Chuck Grim will help get the equipment to Frank.

Discussed indoor flying at the different sites. Frank talked about having a west coast “electric E fest” in the future in cooperation with other clubs in the area.

Next bod meeting sept 5

Meeting over at 9:00