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BOD Minutes for August 2013


3) Old Business


    3.1) Autonomous Flight Activity – JimB

Jim reported there has not been much activity at field lately.


    3.2) Rotor Day at the Bay – Steve Neu

We have sponsors lined up–FrankG has the AMA sanction in hand. Will start putting out e-mail blasts about 30 days before the event. Jim has posted on various forums the announcements.


    3.3) Nitro/Gas Helis – MichaelN

M Neale has received the receipt for the letter regarding the operation of a nitro heli at SEFSD sent to the member in question. Person in question has been removed from club membership.


    3.4) Trailer Storage Cost – Steve N and Jim B

Jim reports that trailer storage are available within 1 mile of the field for under $100 a month for outside parking storage. Discussed if we even need a trailer. Tim made a motion to move the trailer to a new location. Motion passed. Some directors will be receiving access keys.


    3.5) Fencing and Parking Lot – Ray

Ray did not attend meeting. Fencing has been installed. Tim discussed parking lot options to fix holes and reduce dust. Discussed use of telephone poles or RR ties to fix up the parking areas. Discussed moving the Tpoles to the parking area and the RR ties along the runway. Frank made a motion to purchase $1000 worth of RR ties or poles to re-define the parking area. Motion passed


4) New Business


    4.1) Safety Report – Chuck (Sea World), Frank (Alliant)

Chuck report–nothing to report at Sea World. Frank reported that there are no problems at Alliant. M Neale suggested that we try to segregate the activities to keep like aircraft together at the indoor site.


    4.2) Sea World Field Runway Report – Jim

Jim reported there has been ongoing maintenance of the field. Discussed the process to prep the runway before the heli event.


    4.3) Treasurers Report – Paul

Paul presented the expense and income report to board members. Members can contact Paul for a detailed report. Discussed putting together a projection for expenses for planning for the next year.


    4.4) Membership Report – Mike E

Mike reports club still has members! Currently we have 325 members. Need to find a replacement for Mike for next year. Mike discussed some of the issues regarding the larger number of payment options.  


    4.5) Future Events at Sea World – Tim

Tim discussed rescheduling Jet day or Foam Frenzy. Discussed doing a reset for the EMAC series aimed for the next season. May consider a clinic for aerobatics for later this year. Discussed swapping some contest dates around. Updated events calendar.


    4.6) Future Events at Alliant – Frank

Frank reports no new dates for the indoor venue. Frank will have dates published for next 6 months


    4.7) Newsletter/Website – Steve B


No report


5) Any other business?

 Frank discussed WW day at SEFSD—Success with more than $500 from members—club will match the donations in kind. Plan to preset check to WW rep on entrains day at field.


6) Set date for next BOD meeting. Sept 18 at 7pm SteveN house.


7) Approved Board Meeting Minutes.