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BOD Minutes for Feb. 2013


Drones, quad copters and FPV situation.  Chuck Grim discussed his views on FPV and quad copters. Discussed different views on how to make sure operations are safe. Frank suggested that larger helicopters that want to perform 3D flight operate from the main flight line at stations 5  and 6. Hovering flight should not be done over the runway for extended. Chuck will review the wording and pass around to BOD members.


Frank discussed Justin Cunningham’s  request regarding “drones” and their possible operations. Chuck will work on changes to address FPV /Drone issues at SEFSD.


Tim Attaway discussed the moving of Heli pad carpets done by Jim Bonnaradel.


Safety report…same old issues at SEFSD. Frank reported some radio issues at last indoor flying session. Seems as if some people have issues with some spectrum rx/tx combinations.


Field report—condition is good.


Treasures report by Paul Guidice. Paid 750 for web site upgrade. Still need to pay yearly fee soon. We still have money in the bank. Discussed putting pudget together for 2013. Discussed what is needed — Paul will present a budget proposal next month.


Membership report from Mike Eberle. We have 261paid members now. Mike discussed the fact that some people are joining as PARK pilots. He discussed the fact that we need to have a way to identify them.


Paul Guidice says we now have PayPal and need to see if this make sense for paying club dues. Jim B will present a case to the BOD next meeting.


Tim discussed fun fly event for the 23rd of March at SEFSD.


Future events at Alliant by Frank. Discussed e-fest for later this year in August 24 and 25th.  Event is in need of a name. Suggestions welcomed.


Discussed Heli fun fly stuff for Oct this year. Will invite Ray Nemovi  to next
meeting to present ideas.
Next meeting March 20
Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm

Thank You
Steve Neu