Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

BOD Minutes for January 2020

Meeting starts at 7:05 pm

Present: Steven, Brad, Ken, Eric, Steve, Carl.

For this month’s meeting we talked about starting some good old fashion airplane racing.  We discussed several options and are leaning towards the FMS T-28. Keep an eye out for further information on this classic event.

Our dear and beloved runway is still in good shape, we will keep an eye out for further maintenance on it

We talked about our year events and came up with some good add ons and changes.  Please check our website calendar and pencil in some fun times.

We purchased some new speed limit signs, that will be going up shortly.  We also had 50 keys made. Remember if you need a key, it’s 3 dollars.

Finally we talked about the new FAA proposed changes.  there will be templates for addressing our concerns as aero modelers, please keep an eye out for them.

And that concludes our meeting, we wish you a happy new flying year filled with many flying days.

We the Board of Directors thank you, the member for making this the great club it is.

Your Humble Secretary,

Ken Dresser

Meeting Adjourned at 8:35 p.m.