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BOD Minutes for July 2013

July 17 SEFSD BOD meeting

M Neale called meeting to order at 7:07pm July 17

SteveN passed out letter from Steve Nelson regarding our club’s  relationship with ATC at Lindberg . FrankG made motion to table the discussion until next month. Approved by all present. Will ask Steve Nelson to attend next meeting.

Discussed May and June minutes. Made some changes to May minutes. MNeale recorded changes. There was some discussion and it was decided that BOD minutes will be sent to members for review.

Discussed June meeting minutes. Discussed voting and what constitutes a quorum. Motion to edit June minutes to say “motion passed” 3-1. Approved.

Old business:

Gold leader program report by Frank. Made a visit to Boy Scouts at Camp Mataguay. Had a very good reception. Steve B took lots of  pictures. Should help for next year’s  program Gold Leader application with AMA.

Jim B talked about his visit to High Tech High and the activities. He made a presentation on RC equipment and how the components work.

Need to revisit Gold Leader in September to make sure we have everything needed for next years application.

PaulG PayPal update –it is up and running and all seems to be working well. Showed the printout and how it works.  Paul G brought up the fact that the costs could range up to $400 year depending on how many members use the service. Tim made the point that using PayPal will reduce the work for the membership person.

Jim B autonomous flight report. Reported on activities at the field. Tim talked about area 51 and what the field looks like and a free flight event. Reported some successful UAV tests he saw at area 51 of a X8.  Jim reports that there were autonomous flights at SEFSD. FrankG discussed his views on autonomous activities stating that while he is not opposed to operations that stay with in the field boundaries it is his view that the filed is too small for such operations.

Discussed rotor days at the bay and sponsors, costs and raffle prizes. Approved up to $300 for getting raffle prizes for event. Motion made and approved. FrankG will arrange for raffle prizes with Discount Hobbies. Discussed the need first aid kit for trailer before rotor event. Discussed getting fire extinguishers for rotor event.

Safety report by Chuck reported that hovering over the runway is becoming a problem as reported by a club member. Frank discussed flight issues he has seen at the field.  Frank said that the runway must be kept clear–no hovering for expended periods on the runway. The same no hovering rule apply to all types of “hovering”–helicopters, multicopters and fixed wing.

Runway condition report by JimB–all OK

PaulG report–The treasure presented a report that is available for members to review—-please contact PaulG for more detailed information.

EMAC discussion by Tim–will  hold event on the 27th as scheduled.  Will see how things work out and see if we should host more events. Seem to be a problem in contacting Jeffery Kuehn-he has the scoring computer.  Mike N said that we need to hold events as scheduled.

FrankG discussed Wounded Warrior program.  Tim moved that club match any member donations on the flying on the 17th of August. Tim will run hot dog roast at the event. Try to get the word out to members to attend.

Discussed indoor flying and if we should continue supporting the activity. Jim said that some people flying at  Mission Bay think there is little value to them. PaulG says we are due for a payment in August. Will ask if another day than Friday can be scheduled for next year since many people have other activities on Friday evenings.

Newsletter–still have one

Discussed trailer storage.–JimB will explore other storage options closer to the field. Since SteveN is unable to continue free  use of a covered locked garage locked his apartment building based on the current economic climate. SteveN did offer to continue storage for $100/month which is about 1/2 the going rate for a garage in that area.

Discussed possible added class to electro glide–Jim will review the proposed rules.

Fence proposal from Tim to redo the fence with chain link. Will take a look at options and discuss at future meetings. Costs expected to be between $2000-3000 depending on type of material.

Parking lot plan from Tim. Will explore getting the ruts fixed. Cost est to be $4000 if we pay for it.

Any other business–none

Next meeting the 21st of August 7pm

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