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BOD Minutes for July & August ’14



Log poles: Poles on Fiesta Island. Talks about moving them over to the field. Allocating up to $300 for renting equipment to move poles to the field. The poles will replace the traffic cones.

AMA: You have 60 extra days to comment on the FAA interpretation. ATC at SAN is a concern since they’re in our back yard.. For now it’s business as usual.

County meeting of clubs: Gave the go ahead to Don Madison to restart the Association of model clubs in San Diego County. Coordinate events and talk about other issues. Usually this is held quarterly / every six months. One rep from each club would go.

F5J: Tim talked to Steve Neu – Waiting 30 days for further information. Otherwise we’ll host a open house.

PA System: Jim asked to spend $170 on a PA system. Approved. Scott will check with Jim and order one off Amazon via Prime so we can get free shipping. (Scott checked with Jim and he has prime as well. Jim is ordering it).

Next meeting: Thursday the 22nd..

Meeting done 8:00pm

Meeting at 7pm – Tim, Scott, Frank, Brad, Ray, Quan (Absent Jim, Paul, George)
TREASURERS REPORT – Paul not in attendance. However we now have 338 members. This is a new high mark for the club!
SIGNS UP – Two new signs warning the public about low flying model aircraft. Located at the west end of the runway. One facing south near the entrance, the other north near the jogging path. Thanks go out to the city.
LOGS …..REPORT FROM TIM AND RAY – There are 10 logs on Fiesta. After talking with the owner we can use all but three of the longest logs. Ray talked with the head ranger and they mentioned they’d move them for us. However, we may go over to Fiesta to cut them up.
NATIONAL AVIATION DAY PLAN -OCTOBER 11, 12 – Tim asked us to brainstorm ideas and submit them. Discussion around both days. Do we really want to have an event both days.  Scott mentioned the Rotor day was a two day event and it fizzled out by noon on the second day. Perhaps a Aviation day and a Barter Day?
FIELD CONDITIONING – Jim mentioned he wanted to treat the field after the holiday (July 4th). That date has now come and gone. Next window would be after Labor day. Talk with Jim when he returns.
SOUND SYSTEM UPDATE…..TIM AND OR – Jim mentioned the new PA system was DOA. He’s being send a new PA system. Check with Jim upon return.
DRONE…AUG 9TH REPORT FROM A MAN NAMED TERRY…….REPORT TO ATC LINDBERGH – We can not enforce activity happening on Fiesta island or any rogue activity. Scott mentioned he sent a memo to the board about the FAA mentioning Airmen must report irregular drone activity. Also mentioned Rangers don’t force people off Fiesta, but suggest they fly at our field. It also depends on what part of Fiesta.  Ray was asked to discuss Fiesta Island flight activity with Karolyn. Such activity may reflect poorly on SEFSD.
FPV QUAD OVERFLIGHT BY DOERR  AUG 20  REPORT TO (city) SAFETY OFFICER – Safety officer of the City was said to have been notified. This is the second time someone has been past the palm trees hovering around and it’s been reported. Need more information on the type of drone (color/description).
Discussion about both topics: Frank mentioned we need to let our members know we can lose the field due to infractions. This needs to be instilled in every member of the club. Scott mentioned how NVRC in Fairfax, Va handled major infractions. Frank discussed methods used at Miramar. While some methods were harsh, it was agreed upon that before action is taken there should be proof that the infraction happened at/from our field.
Tim will write a report/warning that includes “Warning all members that we have infractions being reported to officials that could result in a loss of the field. Witnessing any marginal flying and reporting it accurately and in a timely fashion. We further need to ascertain when possible who, what, where, and why of each incident so we can follow up as needed”.
The board thoroughly discussed what actions to take on the drone from  Aug 9th and the FPV quad overflight. Although no final solution has been drafted at this time.
SIGN AT ENTRANCE….TIM HAS PICTURE OF CVMRCC SIGN…PRETTY NICE. – Voted to allocate up to $500 for a sign pending approval. We’ll talk with the Parks/City if they can print us one or will allow it at the street.
Meeting over at 8:40pm.