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BOD Minutes for June 2014

ElectroGlide on the 21st
Jet Day on the June 28th
Food – Costco Dogs
F5J / Open House?
No major issues. Dave cut his hand up and he’s healed now.
Guest Policy:
Need the part for the flying board. Three guest days off of the buddy box. Anyone on the buddy box is fine until the cord is cut. Need a update to the wording on the website as well.
UAV Training:
Thomas M has been having talks. Nitro planes vs electric. May go to another club. Tim talking with Frank…
FPV Frequency Control:
Scott work issue with Jim

New Business:
Fun Fly bill turned over to Paul from Tim
Trailer – Offer Jim $50 to store it, since the price is going up at the current storage place.
Umbrellas for prizes? (Harbor Freight)
Handicapped parking spot?
Next meeting the 25th.
Meeting over 8:15.