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BOD Minutes for March 2019

By Eric Shapiro

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

The meeting was convened at 7:10 PM with 8 of 9 voting members present. The Secretary, Ken Dresser, was not present and the notes were kept by Eric Shapiro.

First on the list of topics was mutual agreement to replace the dilapidated Popwing pylon flag bag.

We then affirmed that club equipment was being properly stored and the payments up to date for the year.

The Rotorplex liaison position received further discussion and one member has considered stepping up to take the lead – thanks! Announcements will be made when the roll and duties are solidified.

A club member brought up the poor condition of our field windsocks. We agreed that we would be picking up two new socks in the future. They should pep up the place nicely. But, we’d also like to pep up the looks of our Rotorplex area and gates. We would be open to reasonable beautification ideas you have in mind.

Member-at-Large, Carl Cox, is writing an article about SEFSD for a quarterly update in Model Aviation magazine published by the AMA.

To date, we have 275 members which is about par for this time of year. It’s exceptional considering the long spat of poor weather we’ve had recently. However, this run of wet weather has spawned a lot of new, green brush and we anticipate that the growth will provide a lot of new fire fuel in the coming drier months. That’s why we are monitoring the field and considering the need for more fire extinguishers. We are also working on a weed abatement program at the field’s perimeter and pits to mitigate the abundance of fuel.

We still have a need to control the front gate and the flow of non-members onto the premises when we are not there. “Last person out locks the gate” is a club rule and we are looking into signage upgrades that remind members to close the gate behind them. This brought us to gate keys. New keys are on order since we are running out. They remain $3/each if you need a replacement.

And, as ever, we are continuing an ongoing replacement program for tables as their condition worsens.

Lastly, another Sweep Day may be upcoming as was discussed the last month.

You, our loyal club member, will be kept up-to-date and in-the-loop (enough cliches already!) with all things relevant to the club.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:11 PM

Enjoy yourselves and enjoy our club!
Eric Shapiro