Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

BOD Minutes for May 2013

May 15 SEFSD meeting (revised)
Meeting called to order at 7:08PM by M Neale
Approved minutes from previous month
Jim B reported that High Tech High wants to have a presentation next Thursday the 24th about radio systems.
Paul talked about some proposals regarding PayPal and how it would work with the web site. There is some concerns regarding the safety waiver and if we need to have a annual updated waiver. Also discussed how to handle Park Pilots identification. Further evaluation will be done in the next few months to see if it easy to administer.

Automatons flight activity discussion by Jim B
Jim presented a proposed testing program. Showed some autopilot hardware from 3DR. Discussed issues related to open source software. MNeale suggested that the hardware and software need to be controlled. Provided Jim a series of suggested events to conduct during the flight tests. TimA moved that JimB will come up with a set  of test dates. Approved

Heli Event  discussion delayed until next meeting

Discussed new signs for SEFSD. Still waiting for artwork.

Safety reports–no report from Chuck of Frank
JimB discussed issues with heli fliers not following rules. Some are flying FPV without spotters as well as autonomous operation. New signs will be installed at heli site.

Runway report by Jim–condition is good. So far we are within the budget so far this year.

Budget report from Paul-=—will have budget ready for next meeting.

Membership report by MikeE Mike reports we have 296 members as of today. Discussed possible issues for future membership chairman relating to payments and the club membership software.

Future events by TimA. Foam event will be rescheduled some time this summer.

Board is looking for update for E-Fest–time is short and we need to get this going.

Newsletter–no report.

Next meeting: June 19th 2013

BOD meeting over at 8:42pm

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