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BOD Minutes for November ’13


  1. Membership report. Paul Guidice showed proposed picture for 2014 badges. Approved picture. Paul discussed a small problem for people that want to pay by paper check—-the site does not have a provision to print out the application. Should be fixed shortly. Discussed when badges will be passed out for 2014 members. Supplies and expenses will be paid by club–approved
  2. Autonomous flight activities by Jim: There have been no incidents this last month. There has been regular activity during the field by several individuals. Jim reports that things are going well. approved
  3. Ranger update: Frank reported that things are going OK with the rangers and parks dept. The city did OK the installitation of poles for the pit tables. approved
  4. Trailer update: Frank reported the locks will be replaced so they all match. Jim reported trailer is back in storage. Frank asked that tire covers be purchased. Approved
  5. Frank reported the Vet day was a great success. The Warrior Foundation at Freedom Station and Cobra Canines were given $1000 donations each from the club and it’s members.  Frank and Paul will provide the newsletter editor the links to the videos of the events. approved
  6. Safety–Chuck reports there have not been any issues lately.  Discussed police heli incident and steps to address the situation. Approved
  7. Tables are being installed. Current cost is about $110 /table. Approved paying for tables as we go. approved
  8. Scott Swaley  of High Tech High is asking if the club will assist in a event to be helpJan 6-10 2014–project is about introducing kids with flying. Club will assist with training planes. Steve Neu will donate some batteries for the club trainers. Approved
  9. Discussed having a rain date for the next meeting at the field–The rain date will be Nov 30 for the meeting if needed. Will have a e-mail blast be sent out to members announcing the meeting and elections for this Saturday morning the 23rd of November. Approved spending $70 for breakfast items for meeting. Tim will accept proxy ballots prior to the election vote on Saturday morning at the field.
  10. Dinner report by Tim. Tim presented information about the location for the club dinner for Dec 15 evening from 5-8pm. Discussed what will be served and costs. Discussed wthe budget for the event. Total cost to the club will be about $1500. Discussed if we should or should not charge for tickets. Will charge $10 for tickets and use the funds to buy nice raffle prizes. People that bring a dish will get additional raffle tickets. Members need to purchase tickets by Dec8th. Tim will take reservations at the meeting or by e-mail to TimA.
  11. New Business: Next meeting is 1-22-14 —Paul Guidice will send out address information and time for meeting.