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BOD Minutes for November 2018

By Ken Dresser

Board of Directors Meeting
Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego
Meeting starts at 7:00 pm
For this month’s meeting we discussed the Mission Bay report.  Please feel free to read it, you will find a link on previous new letter.  We did not find this report alarming and don’t see any changes in the foreseeable future to our flying site.  
Our next topic focused on elections, voting via email will have started already.  Check your email for further instructions. I am receiving the emails and some are not fallowing instructions, however I will manage.  Expect some spam for those who voted wrong. Just kidding, I will acknowledge you email here shortly that I am receiving them.
Jim will once again manage the club’s trailer and we authorized fixing two more tables and the sweeper truck.
As far as events go, we talked about doing a New Years BOMB DROP event.  So stay tuned and get them fuses ready.
The next topic is our Holiday Party set for January 12 at the Harbor House.  Tickets are set at $20.00 per person; sales will start on the first of December.  This year we will have over $1,300.00 in raffle prizes.

Our final note, and probably the most important, is safety.  Some of our safety rules are designed as to keep novice pilots from hurting other people and/or themselves.  But this rule has to do with our equipment. Our hobby grade equipment is not designed to last hundreds of flight.  From cheap airframes to almost zero inspections and maintenance procedures, we must fly as if our equipment will fail at any point, because it does.  So flying at high speeds towards the pits is a big NO NO. Slow down, turn toward our huge flying area away from the pits and then full power.

We the Board of Directors Thank you, the members for making this the great club it is. Your Humble Secretary, Ken Dresser

Meeting Adjourned at 8:20 p.m.