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BOD Minutes for November 2022

Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Date and Meeting : 09 November, 2022, 6:30 P.M, Home of Steve Neu
Via Zoom : Editor – Belknap, Member at Large- Kosta, Member at Large- Elect – Anton
In Person : Chairman of the Board – Murek, President-Manganelli, Vice President- Nguyen, Member at Large- Cox,  President-Elect- Bender
Not Present : Secretary – Dresser, Member at Large – Struthers

Called to Order by  Manganelli at 6:42 P.M.

Old Business

  1. Membership renewals : 308  as of 11-1-2022 compared with 337 at the same time last year. 2022 Membership is closed, renewals and new 2023 memberships to begin Dec. 1, 2022.
  2. Banquet expense as compared to membership dues. BOD Decision September 15th : Incease Dues to $60 starting 2023, Banquet Fee to be $55 for January 13, 2023.
  3. Raising altitude limit via AMA/FAA sanctioned Safety Risk Management (SRM) Panel. SEFSD is in the queue, we will be appraised approximately Fall, 2023 when we get close to the to the top of the list. In the meantime we must maintain positive relations with Air Traffic Management (ATM) by abiding by the terms of our current agreement!
  4. Twenty five gallons of Liquid Dust Down was consumed October 20th. May be (2) 5 Gallon pails OH in Club Trailer.
  5. Club Logo Apparel :  Webstore active, many apparel Items available, Company Owner is Laura Nunez; I got my side panel cap! You?
  6. Mission Bay Park Permit Review and Commercial Use Guidance Meeting. Commercial Use guidance received (Just Say No!) and Permit/Documentation review completed successfully on 7-19-22 including follow up Insurance Documentation a few days later, Thanks Quan!
  7. Failed Boom Box. BOD Decision August 10th : Authorization provided to procure replacement Boom Box for about $108 plus tax and shipping; not executed to date. Club owned boom box in custody of Steve Neu used for October’s Members Meeting/Fun Contest.
  8. RC Off-Road Cars on the field/Parking Lot. Conditionally approved only for “flying” members on a non-interference, non-dust nuisance creating basis.
  9. Received an E-mail from Justin Coe, Chollas Park Flyers President requesting our support. Their Open House November 5th was well attended including SEFSD members Nguyen, Bender, Manganelli, Neu, Harper, Murek. Thanks Justin for the hamburgers!

Field Condition and Maintenance

  1. Field Surface DG Improvement. BOD decision 4-XX-2022 : Defer indefinitely pending demonstration of successful DG implementation at some other model airplane field
  2. Watering with Dust Down and rolling completed Oct. 13/14. With winter rains, field should remain in good condition through at least June, 2023.

Report on Immediate Past Month’s Events

  1. T-28 Racing, SEFSD Field, 11-12. 9 participants including first time pilots Jeff Keesaman and Artie Means; welcome gents! Jovi whipped us through this perfect 3 X 3 Matrix in about the shortest time I could recall; he’s getting really good at it! All the pilots did their parts by being ready and we finished just as the pizza arrived. Thanks to Lisa Waln (Mrs. Brad Bender) for fetching the pizza .
  2. 10-15 . This was the last Electroglide of the year and was well attended. Custom Plaque Awards and Prize Money was disbursed. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Struthers for hard work throughout the Electroglide season.
  3. Club Members Meeting, Fun Contest 10-22: Military Scale. Lots of participants; judging was a breeze compared with Civilian Scale! Jim B. says : Ever seen a dog show? Watch the flying, put all the planes on the runway, Place the medals on the wings where you think they belong! Quan and I were privileged to jointly award the Best in Show! The Axis/Allies all at once was too cool. No midairs and I’m sorry for those flying couldn’t see the majesty of the whole gaggle. Thanks to Mark Davis, ace hot dot cooker and to Jim Bonnardel for officiating the fun.

Schedule of Upcoming  Month’s Events

  1. As this is written (Nov. 14th) all scheduled club events have been completed. However, it appears that there are a set of T-28 Racing medals identified as for December, 2022. Ergo, this may happen somewhat informally in early December. Informally means medals only, no raffle. Stand by for an E-mail blast.

 New Business

  1. Holiday Banquet Planning : Date set as Jan.13th Friday, Aerospace Museum, Cost per member (and guest) to be $55. Caterer to be Lisa Waln (aka Mrs. Brad Bender) Tickets to go on sale Dec. 1 along with membership renewals. Anticipating $2,000 minimum from the sale of the Trailer; Budget for prizes is $2,000, Jovi has already purchased some great airplanes; you won’t want to miss out! Steve Neu will graciously contribute Lipo Batteries at no Cost (Thanks Steve!) Michelle Manganelli will do the Women’s prizes.
  1. Club Trailer/ Storage vs divest it : BOD Decision 7-13-2022 : Jim Bonnardel to Divest trailer on Club behalf with pre-paid Rent through 12-31-2022 as his fee.  Update 11-9-2022. Larry Kosta to coordinate advertisement of trailer and disbursement of contained club equipment. Sean Belknap desires the large EZ ups. Replacement Pink slip may be needed before trailer can transfer title. SM will store infrequently used Club equipment (i.e blower and sprayer) at no cost to club. Extra unwanted trailer contents to be donated to charity or disposed of. Watching market on Craigslist suggest market value is at least $2,500.
  1. Participation in Mission Bay Park Planning Process. Professional Planner Denise Larson is required to perform “Community Service” as part of her new paying job and is eager to support us. What we do next is up for discussion. It could involve a “story board” pitch of Club history, Community service highlights, etc. then just ask to be involved in the Park Master Plan –OR- simply watch the agenda for anything that seems contradictory to our interests then address those as they arise. Target date for formal involvement is January, 2023.
  1. Seating the New BOD. Alan Issacs resigned as Treasurer, duties temporarily reverting to past Treasurer Quan. Brad Bender has graciously stepped forward to President in 2023. Jeff Struthers will not be on the BOD next year and Ken Dresser is geographically challenged thus not appropriate as secretary. Jeff, however, will continue to administer Electroglide next year, thanks for that Jeff, that’s even more selfless! Eric Shapiro will rejoin the BOD as secretary and Mr. Nick Anton will assume Jeff’s Member At Large Position; Steve Manganelli will be the new Treasurer. Others will remain in place. Here is your new Board of Directors for 2023 :
  1. Chairman of the Board of Directors : Jovi Murek
  2. President : Brad Bender
  3. Vice President : Quan Nguyen
  4. Secretary : Eric Shapiro
  5. Treasurer : Steve Manganelli
  6. Member at Large : Larry Kosta
  7. Member at Large : Carl Cox
  8. Member at Large : Nick Anton
  9. Safety Officer : Steve Neu
  10. Editor : Steve Belknap
  1. Logo Themed T-Shirts. Larry Kosta solicited a quote for T-shirts with our Logo Silk Screened in larger than embroidered format. Cost was about $1,000 for 73 (min) shirts at $15 each, normal sizes. A straw poll taken at the October Members meeting suggested that 73 is more than current demand. Update 11-9 : Larry will solicit a quote for a lower number of shirts.
  1. Next Years Badge Picture and Gate Code (Landscape Orientation this time) . BOD Decision 11-9-2022 : Gate Code was selected as was Jovi’s picture of his 737 in Hawaiian Air Livery with BayHo as backdrop.
  1. Gate Lock. We’ve lost (2) locks due to theft in the last month or so. Generally, when the gate is opened for the day, the lock should be locked to the chain and the numbers shuffled.  Lock shackle to be secured to the chain with shaft clamp collars as experimental security measure. Action Manganelli.
  1. Awards for 2023 Competitions. BOD Decision 11-9-2022 : procure new picture insert medals for 2023 T-28 Racing (that do not refer to the year); Monthly Fun Contest awards to be Gift Certificates and Electroglide awards to be year-end plaque and prize money as prior practice.
  1. Leader Club Status Maintenance . To preserve our status as an AMA leader Club ongoing community service is required. BOD Decision 11-9-2022. Authorized $150 for Blankets to Seniors program, a cause/process well received in the past.

Treasurers Report <Withheld from Publication for Security Reasons>
Next Months BOD Meeting(s) : 6:30. January 11, 2023,  Home of Brad Bender

Adjourned  : 8:02 P.M.

Minutes Submitted By :  Manganelli, 11 -14-2022