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BOD Minutes for October and November ’15

Date: Oct 2, 2015
Time: 7:15 PM ~ 9:00 PM
Agenda: Board Meeting Oct 2015
Attendees: Jim, Paul, Brad, George, Tim, Dennis B, Quan, Scott
– Jim checked into prices of new tables. They’re about $250. Looking at 6 tables. (Voted Passed)
– Monthly FPV Race next year?
– Frank wants the 8th for Vets day
– Quan displayed the revised map (again). Will get prices for ten on this years budget.
– Trailer needs to be cleaned out and shelves put in. $250
– $500 for field maint.
– Talked about winter party.
– We now have 400 members
– Paul reviewed the budget. He will start closing out the budget Nov 15th.
– Awards for the party – Talk about next month.
– Next BoD meeting – Nov 13th
– Club Meeting 21st


Date: Nov 6, 2015
Time: 7:10 PM ~ 9:10 PM
Agenda: Nov Board Meeting
Attendees: Jim, Paul, Scott, Dennis Brad, Quan, Bob


– Isabel: Renewal’s not online until Dec 1st. Badges will be the 2nd of January.
– Members must wear badge next year. We’re making this a rule
– Discussion about asking the city to reset the lock.
– Update Key Sheet.
– Next year add Mini Wing class to Popwing? FPV Fixed Wing?
– What aspects of the hobby are people interested in? Task: See if the AMA can give us that data.
– Badge Pictures – Please make the letters visible.
– Discussion about individuals. Presented with letters from individuals. Brad and Jim talked to the other individual. Action Item Jim: Letter to parties reiterating Bylaws and Club Rules. Board Review. Respond Privately, no response is a yes vote.
– FPV signs at Helipad
– Proposal to limit raceband to the Helipad
– Map $400 per sign. Sign and budget approved.
– FPV Racing: $1000 budget out of GoPro Funds –  Approved
– Facility use fee – Table that for next meeting. Action item: Jim to email out something.
– Map out exclusion zone so we don’t hack and slash plants down when setting up a track.
– Trailer – Inventory everything that’s in there.
– 94th Aero cashed the check.
– Awards – Need more names.
– Paul reviewed budget.
– Paul needs receipts with some sort reasonable letterhead/proof from company.