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BOD Minutes for September 2013

No field report from JimB

Paul presented treasures report for the month of September. Members wanting more detailed information contact contact PaulG .

Paul also discussed the new first aid kit that  was purchased by the club.

Membership reports there are 330 new members.

Future events at Sea World site:

Tim discussed EMAC. Tim suggested that we let it run as it is until the end of the year as it is then gauge interest for doing a “reset” for next year with some promotion and a clinic.

Frank discussed WW presentation for (Ventrans day) Nov9th with a WW speaker at the field —we will present the check from the club at that time. Frank says that we will have a band for the November 9th presentation.

Sept 28th and 29th for F5D team selection starting at 11am–SteveN will ask SteveB to put notice out to members.

5th of October –poker fun fly–by TimA–food and fun!

Future Alliant events for possible event next year. Frank says there are dates available for a major indoor event in August 2014. Will discuss further at future meeting.

No Newsletter report this month.

Discussed the proposal Andrew Norbeck’s is interested in a musical video project with model planes. MNeale will contact Andrew and get more information.

Elections–Tim suggested that the October fun fly can be used as a way to get nominations from the general membership for officers.

Discussed change to bylaws regarding  the voting status of club safety officer and sectuary. Frank will make a motion at the October 5th field meeting/poker fun fly to modify the club bylaws. Canceled October 15 meeting at Padre Gold.

Motion will be made by FrankG at the field meeting to change bylaws wording  in  section 4.1 to include safety officer and secretary as voting members of the board.

Other business:

On Sunday the 15th our equipment trailer had been broken into–Tim has checked the trailer for damage—the locking hardware on the back is damaged. Will evaluate options for better security and repair of trailer.

Next BOD meeting is set to October 16th at SN house at 7pm

Minutes approved.