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BOD Minutes from November

Discussed having a auction of donated items from a former club member – Frank will conduct a sale at Nov 24th general meeting. It was suggested that a e-mail be sent out by Steve B to club members to increase the turnout.

Discussed FPV operation—all is good.

Discussed report of field conditions by JimB and possible improvements. Frank asked Ray to sound out the city on laying down DG runway surface. Will inquire with getting some expert help in deciding if this makes sense.

EMAC and Electro Glide—discussed awards for year end. Approved  up to $100  for each class for awards to be presented at Christmas party.

Christmas party:  Tim presented the program for getting the party up and going. Will put together signup sheets  and get people to fill the jobs that need doing at the party as well the ground work before and cleanup after. Party will start at 6pm and be over at 9pm. Ask Steve B to put a e-mail out asking for RSVP from members.

Budget for door prizes. $500 Frank will donate a additional $200 for the ladies prizes.

Total budget for party $1300 including door prizes.

BOD election:

Recommended slate of officers:
President: Frank Gagliardi
Vice Pres: Tim Attaway
Sec: Steve Neu
Treasurer: Michael Neale
Editor: Steve Belknap
Safety: Chuck Grim
At large members : Jim Bonnardel, Ray Fulks and Jeff Kuehn


Paul Guidice was nominated for treasurer at the October general meeting.

Safety report by Chuck—nothing new

Fence is being upgraded—about 3/4 finished. Looking good! Signs are getting done.

Indoor flying:Discussed adding a extra Friday at Alliant and dropping Miramar. Frank Suggested that we add a fee of $5 for non members flying at Alliant.

Treasures report—all OK

Membership—286 paid members as of today.

New business:
Discussed heli event for 2013. Castle expressed interest in sponsoring the event with $1000 donation cash plus prizes and promotion. Possible date is the week of April 5-7th 2013-

Next BOD meeting Dec 12 2012 if needed.

Meeting over at 8:43 pm