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BOD Minutes from Sept. & Oct.


Club instructors —-from Frank. Frank listed the people that are willing to be club instruction. Will be published in newsletter.

Field cleaning—aka vacuum project —maybe in a week or so will try again.

Discussed fencing project. Chuck has ordered fencing and Frank will pick up top pipes. No date to install yet.

Discussed fire extinguisher purchase and who has them. One has been used to put a fire out at the field. Mike questions why there seem to be more fires. We have had a hot dry summer and some fliers have less than serious attitude to equipment care.

Right of entry permit update from Ray — ROE has been approved .

Discussed EMAC. Mike E is running  it now. 15 pilots attended August EMAC.Frank discussed possible changes to make the event more popular including hosting a clinic for new pilots.

Discussed indoor flying. JimB reported that we had 15 pilots attend the last event.

Mike N reports that we still have money. Report approved .

Membership report from MikeE. Discussed some different lists for the board members. Currently we have more than 280 members.

Newsletter report–still have one.

Future events  by Tim A. Tim presented a tentative listing of events thought the end of the year. Discussed calendar. Some updates made.

Discussed banquet ideas for next Christmas party. Tim and Jim will check out possible sites for the party along with food options. Was proposed that the club do the party as no cost to the members.

Next BOD meeting 10-3-2012 at Neu’s house 7pm

Need to think about possible board members for 2013.

Will review field rules for next meeting

Meeting concluded at 8:30pm


SEFSD BOD meeting minutes from Oct 3, 2012.

October 3 SEFSD BOD meeting called of order at 7:03 pm.

Approved minutes of September meeting.

Old business:

Frank reported that the Gold Leader program is moving along. The club has donated Model Aviation and Park Pilot mags to 2 schools as part of the program.  Discussed possible demonstrations for the schools in the first quarter of 2013.

Signage discussed for new Mission Bay sign. Jim presented a sketch of the new sign. Discussed the rules and proposed changes as presented.Jim will send copy of new rules for approval by BOD.

FPV report byTim. TimA reported that the FPV demo went well and was well attended.

FrankG discussed club instruction and people that are qualified instructors. Discussed equipment situation and that students should be encouraged to acquire their own equipment. Tim reported that Pedro went to Hitec to see about getting the radios fixed up so they work correctly. Discussed how to use the models in training.

Jim B reported that vacuuming of field will be tried again Friday afternoon Oct 4th. Discussed Petro Mat and pros and cons of the material. JimB reported that with the Petro Mat all models would need to be wheels only–not something that would work well at SEFSD field.

Discussed asking city for cement picnic benches. Ray will inquire with city contacts.

Discussed publishing financial reports in newsletters. M. Neal suggested that we generate a budget for 2013 with proposed spending. 2012 expense report will be ready for the next meeting.

October 16 will be the nominations  for BOD 2013 Nov meeting will be the elections.

EMAC is set for Nov 17 by M. Eberly.

Club will  provide awards for both EMAC and Electro Glide events for year end party.

Discussed Christmas party site at Padre Gold. Discussed having a alternative venue to Phil’s BBQ.  PG is the likely venue with a catered main course and pot luck for the sides. Might be a “no cost” to club members. M. Neale moved that JimB get yes or no from PG by Oct 5th.

The proposed slate is same as 2012 board. FrankG said he would try to encourage more members to be active in the elected club positions. To this end he will make a point of discussion this at the next general meeting.

New business:

Safety–Chuck not present so no report.

Nothing to report regarding safety at indoor sites.

Discussed improving the heli area to reduce dust. Suggestions were made to look at some sort of ground cover in the entry way to the heli area.

Mn asked how many people are flying at Mira Mesa indoor site. Need to see if club should continue Mira Mesa indoor flying. Will discuss indoor flying at next general meeting. Spent about $2000 on indoor flying venues this year.

M. Neale discussed treasures report. Approved

ME asked about fencing along flight line and need for repairs. Discussed having a position for field maintenance created by the board. Discussed possible shade structures for Mission Bay. Frank will talk to Chuck about fence materials  and with DonG about getting the fence repaired. Also will discuss with Don G about helping with field improvements.

Membership reports 285 members…one additional this month. Discussed having a ” membership” day in early January. Date to be set.

TimA discussed poker fun fly for next weekend(Oct 6th).  Tim will run the prizes and food. $200 for food and prizes approved.

Frank discussed veteran’s day fun fly for November.

Next meeting is Nov 7 2012 7pm