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BOD Meeting Minutes for February 2019

Board of Directors Meeting

Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego

Meeting starts at 6:47 pm

For this month’s meeting we talked about the gate found opened. It is very important to close the gate if you are the last one out. We brainstormed ideas on how to prevent this in the future. Maybe installing a bigger sign or even having a closed gate policy. We have a open to the public policy and welcome spectators. I personally enjoy talking with and hearing spectators clap during my flying time. However leaving the gate opened over night, leaves the field vulnerable to vandalism and destruction of the runway. When I fly in the afternoons during the week, I close the gate behind me if I am alone. When I leave, if there is still someone there, I remind the member to close the gate.

Please close the gate.

Next we talked about the sweeper truck and roller, schedules and budgets. Another member sweep day is also on the works.

And now for the fun part, we talked about the coming events and prizes. With 257 members this year will be full of exiting contest.

The final topic was the Drone members. We are looking to create a BOD seat to represent all the FPV drone pilots at our field. This person will have a voice and help us manage the Rotorplex area. “Free pizza for the volunteer”

We the Board of Directors thank you, the member for making this the great club it is.

Your Humble Secretary,

Ken Dresser

Meeting Adjourned at 8:40 p.m.